Sunday, November 14, 2010

schieferstein 1206m (sota oe/oo-277)

beautiful weather and temperatures up to 20°c is very unusual for that time of year. but today the weatherman was 100% right and i enjoyed a great day on the mountain.

the way up was nice, but a little slippery. most of the path is on the ridge of the mountain, so i had to be careful. i even had to climb up a ladder! i reached the summit after 1 1/2 hours of walking ... lot's of other people also hiked up, so it was hard to find a nice place in the sun. but you can see on the photo that i managed to find a place to rest :-)

today on 2m there were several stations qrv, i even managed five summit-2-summit-qso's. i spent two hours on the summit. my aprs-beacon was digipeated often during my ascend and descend.

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  1. Martin,

    Thanks for the S2S contact today. It was a great day indeed. 20C on a November day, it can't get any better for SOTA activations!

    73, Heinz, OE5EEP