Tuesday, August 10, 2010

kleiner sonnstein 923m (sota oe/oo-100) and großer sonnstein 1037m (sota oe/oo-087)

the tour started between traunkirchen and ebensee at a crowded parking place. i knew that this is a popular mountain, but i did not expect so many people. the way up is steep and nice. it would be even more nice if there were less people around. about 2 minutes before the summit there is a hut where you can buy food and drinks. on the summit there was permanent coming and going of people. i was glad i chose a spot a little off the path to build up my station. the view was fabulous (now i know why so many people go up there ...)

after some qso's on 7, 14 and 145 mhz i headed for the second summit. a nice walk of about 45 minutes and after some rock climbing (very easy) i reached gr. sonnstein at 14:00 local time. again the signals on hf were not too good and so i did not stay too long on shortwave. on vhf i worked oe5iro and oe5rtp who were on a big sota-expedition with lot's of summits on the "höllengebirge".

nothing special happened on the way down and i reached the car at 16:30 local time. on the way home i had another chat with oe5iro and oe5rtp, who were already activating another summit.


  1. Nicht schlecht fuer ein Dienstag! Love those weekday activations but sometimes hard to get the VHF QSOs when everybody's at work...

    Maybe making a go next year for the winter bonus there will be less people on the paths?

    73 de HL4/W2VLA

  2. Hello Martin,

    Sorry that I did not hear you,I was QRV. I was on OO-100 also ( with OE5HCE ), so I knew the situation. He picked us up at the camping site in Pettenbach at 6.30 to get a parking place and have some room at the top hi hi.At that time I was thinking why 6.30 ?? Never chased a summit that I activated my self so far.

    73 de Hans PA3FYG